Q: Can I also order a custom decal from you and if so what it costs?
A: Yes, we also produce individually made decals completely by customer wish. The price for a custom decal set is 189,95€, the production costs for the design lies between € 95-150 - you need to provide us your ideas as accurate as possible, for us to make a non-binding offer.
Q: Do I get a proof sheet with a shop order, before the decal / jersey or similar is made?
A: No and yes. Our Factory, Stock and Works products go directly to production after incoming order/payment, because the design is certain and we must only place logos or name and number and can grant therefore a quick, free from problems delivery time.
If you wish, nevertheless, a draught, please write this in the contact form, then against a surcharge of 10€ we send you a proof sheet.
With our Semi-Custom products, up to four colours can be selected. You will get a proof sheet by e-mail to check whether everything is fine or if you really like your choice of color.
Q: Q: If I upload logos and these have, e.g., a white box or similar, are these placed on the product like that?
A: No. We work on every uploaded logo in such a way that it well adapts itself in the background and does not look misplaced. Should the resolution not be sufficient or another problem appears, we will of course contact you to see what can be done.
Q: What are „Mininumberplates?
A: Mini numberplates are a 6 cm verstion of the front numberplate or headlight mask. Many customers order these stickers to stick them to the wheel hubs,the mobile phone or similar.
Q: What means "OEM" with the choice of plastic kits?
A: We offer three colour variations of the plastic kits. Completely black, completely white and OEM. OEM means nothing else than "original-coloured" – which means, the plastics come in the colours as the motorcycle was delivered in the given construction year.
Q: What does a complete decal kit contain?
A: A: A complete decal kit includes :
  • Radiator covers
  • Headlight mask / numberplate
  • Front fender
  • Rear fender
  • Side panels
  • Air filter box
  • Fork protectors
  • Swingarm
Q: If I order a plastic kit in addition to the decal, does it come aready mounted?
A: Yes, we mount the decal directly on the plastics, and it wil be delivered to you ready to screw on and drive off (except of course air filter box and swingarm ;).