Husqvarna decals for Supermoto, Offroad and rim sticker

In our Independent Racing online shop you will find suitable decals for Husqvarna Supermotos, such as the 701 and FS 450, as well as for all Husqvarna Offroad-Models, such as FE / TE and FC / TC. For the Husqvarna Supermoto models you will also find rim stickers in all common sizes.

Husqvarna-Supermoto decals for the 701 and FS 450

In the Independent Racing online shop you will not only find decals for enduro or motocross machines from Husqvarna, but also street and supermoto decals for the 701 and FS 450. The 701 from Husqvarna is a real supermoto machine with a powerful 74 hp output . A precise chassis ensures razor-sharp handling. With its chrome-molybdenum grid frame, a rear frame made of polyamide and an aluminum swing arm, the 701 provides a real racing feeling on the road. Visually, too, it impresses with its fast-paced supermoto character. To emphasize this look even more, you will find a suitable Husqvarna Racing decal for your 701 with us. You can choose between Factory, Stock and Works Decals. Each design is available in three versions, each with two style variations: A or B. In addition to the 701, there is the FS 450 in the Husqvarna Supermoto category. Here, the Factory and Stock stickers are available in three versions and two styles. You will find the right decal kit very easily.

Stock & Factoy: our Husqvarna offroad decals

In our Independent Racing online shop we provide you with three different Husqvarna offroad sticker kits: Stock and Factory. The two decal series are available in three versions each. There are two different Styles for each variation - Style A and B. You can customize your bike with just a few clicks using our configurator. For example, choose additional handguard stickers, fork protection stickers and the look of your decal - high-gloss, matt or structure. You can also choose your own name and number for the offroad models. You can place up to six of your own logos on your decal kit. This creates a very individual decal set that only you have - one of a kind.

Husqvarna rim stickers - four different sizes

So that all the details on your motorcycle match and highlight the sporty look, you can also buy rim stickers for the 701 and FS 450 from us as in addition to the Husqvarna decals and thus refine your rims. We have matched the rim stickers to our decals, you can also choose between the Factory, Stock and Works designs. Each sticker set consists of a total of 16 parts, eight stickers for each rim, and is available in all common sizes. With our Husqvarna rim stickers, your Supermoto will impress with its sporty look, for example at the traffic lights, but also while driving.

Design individual Husqvarna decals

Are you looking for an even more individual design option to transform your bike into a truly unique specimen? Then you are in the right place with us! In addition to our diverse range of decals, you have the option of choosing the start number, fonts and much more according to your personal ideas. Or you can add up to six logos as desired on the rear or front fenders and the airbox. In addition to the various decal designs, we are also happy to produce a complete sticker kit for you according to your own wishes. The best thing to do is to send us a list that is as detailed as possible with all your wishes so that we can make you a non-binding offer. An individual decal set is priced at approx. 190 €, the costs for creating the design are 95 to 150 €.

Uncomplicated assembly thanks to precisely fitting plastic kits

We manufacture our decals from high-quality materials, which on the one hand ensure a noble look and on the other hand also convince with durability. So you will attract everyones attention on the grid and at the same time enjoy your individual design for a long time. In addition, it is important to us that you have no problems with the assembly and that it succeeds quickly. That is why we offer you the opportunity to order our Husqvarna decals ready-made and applied on precisely fitting plastic kits - for a quick 1: 1 replacement of the trim parts. Note: We deliver our Enduro and Supermoto models with a standard plastic kit, without a light mask and without Supermoto fenders.

Order Husqvarna decals from Independent Racing - fast shipping and secure payment

In addition to a simple and uncomplicated ordering process in our online shop - a few clicks are enough to put your desired products in the shopping cart and complete the order - we make sure that you can pay for your selected items securely and that they are delivered quickly. Therefore, you can choose between different and secure payment methods. With us you can easily pay with PayPal, by prepayment or bank transfer, by credit card or on account. The dispatch takes place exclusively with our partners from DHL and DPD. So you can be sure that your motorcycle stickers will be delivered quickly. If you have any questions about your order or if you would like us to advise you on the items and possible uses, we are here for you. In addition, we have summarized frequently asked questions for you and answered them directly in our FAQ, which you can find below in the footer. If you have any problems, simply send us your personal message using our contact form. We look forward to your message!